Miss Wochenbett
When I was pregnant I came across a notice in Tagblatt Zürich, announcing the beauty contest Miss Schwanger/Pregnant. Provoked of this sight the idea of Miss Wochenbett/Childbed was born.
I started the project with a self-portrait of myself and my newborn son. The picture was used as a poster announcing the contest. Interested women could sign up for the competition or ask for information on an e-mail address. The poster was placed in public places in Zürich where conceivable participants were likely to be found, for example in hospitals, playgrounds, libraries, in the street etc.
I was taking the picture of the candidates no later then six weeks after birth of the child. I asked the woman to choose an outfit for the photograph, but they were obligated to wear high heels and a crown.
I made a second poster showing all the six candidates for the title ” Miss Wochenbett 2007”. The poster was hanged in different places in the city of Zürich. The public could vote for a candidate on a e-mail address.
The reactions on the poster was too to me the most important part of the work. Most of the posters where pulled down and destroyed within few hours.

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